97, 98 OLA Girls’ Association celebrates 25th anniversary & 69th Speech and Prize-Giving Day

97, 98 OLA Girls’ Association celebrates 25th anniversary & 69th Speech and Prize-Giving Day

The 1997- and 1998-year groups of Our Lady of Apostles Girls Senior High School (OLA) have led the Past OLA Girls’ Association (POGA) to celebrate its 25th anniversary and commemorate their Alma Mater’s 69th Speech and Prize-Giving Day over the weekend in Ho.

The event, which is hosted by various alumni each year, was organized under the theme ‘Preparing today’s girl for the future of work and entrepreneurship’.
In his remarks, Mr. Kofi Torku, the Board Chair of OLA Girls, commended both the management and students for accomplishing such a great feat despite ongoing challenges. He also applauded the efforts of the Old Students from the 1997- and 1998-year groups in organising the year’s celebration.
“Despite the multitude of challenges facing the School, I am proud to state that the school continues to progress very well as a category ‘A’ school in Ghana, and I also want to acknowledge the 1997- and 1998-year group for generously sponsoring this occasion.”
Mrs. Gifty Mottey-Gowu, the President of the 1998-year-Old Students Association Group, expressed her excitement and appreciation to the school’s management for allowing them to come back and support the school after such a long time.
“Today marks the 25th anniversary of the completion of the 1997/1998-year group of OLA Senior High School, and I am honoured to speak on behalf of my mates. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since we graduated from this prestigious institution, and today we are here to not only celebrate our 25th anniversary but also give back to the school that has helped shape us into who we are.”
This happened as the alumni association made contributions of food items, toys, and educational materials to the Ho Teaching Hospital’s Pediatric Unit, the Madanfo Shelter in Ho, and the School Administration.
The donations on Friday to the school and the pediatric unit of the Ho Teaching Hospital was sponsored by GB Foods, Twellium Industries (Verna & Bigoo), and Ghana Oil Palm Development Company (GOPDC). Additionally, the 97 and 98-year groups dedicated a 16-seater toilet facility and a fully equipped E-library with 10 computers and one server to aid in smooth teaching and learning activities.
Brighter Future
Addressing the theme ‘Preparing today’s girl for the future of Work and Entrepreneurship’, Mama Afua Kobri Kotoku I, the Sub-Divisional Queen Mother for Taviefe Traditional Area in the Ho Municipality and a past student of the 1998-year group, encouraging the students to seize control of their future by diligently preparing today to achieve their career aspirations.
Quoting a publication by Stanbic Bank, she said, “Available data show that women account for 50 percent of the labour force and are present in almost all economic activities, including agriculture, industry, and services.”
She entreated the students to develop their skills and master the use of technology in order to succeed in the high-skilled workplace of the future. She also urged them to consider breaking into male-dominated areas and not limit their dreams to jobs that are conventionally available for women.
“The availability and adoption of new technologies and access to global markets is enabling people to do more in less time with fewer people and of course regardless of their locations. Although the adoption of new technology is relatively slow in our parts of the world, the pace will increase in the near future as more and more people obtain relevant skills to use these technologies and will thus encourage our young ladies, not to limit their dreams to the conventionally available jobs to women but also strive to break into some of the male-dominated areas,” she said.
Madam Benedicta Amata Mawunyo Agbezudor, the headmistress of OLA Girls High School, expressed her gratitude to all parties who have made significant contributions to the development of the school
She also appealed to the government for its support in providing the necessary resources to ensure effective teaching and learning at the school. Expressing her concerns, she stated, “OLA SHS, has not received a single project, not even the special one promised to support the double track system. The school bus is inadequate to accommodate educational tours due to our growing student population. Many classrooms are overcrowded, emphasizing the urgent need for a 24 Unit Classroom Block, among other essential facilities.”
Stressing the importance of collaboration, the president of the 1997 old student association Mrs. Seyram Folie-Asagba called for improvement in the school’s overall conditions and academic excellence, aiming to elevate its ranking not only within the region but nationwide. She emphasized the need for a partnership between OLA and the old girls, urging a balanced approach rather than placing demands solely on the latter.
The celebrations were glamorous and colourful, as participants were dressed in Kente in the school’s blue and gold hues. The gathering not only afforded the alumni the opportunity to appreciate students and staff for their tireless efforts both in academics and non-academic activities but to help promote and deepen the cordial ties among the school’s alumni, students, staff, and the management of the school.
It also witnessed a bonfire night, borborbor dancing, a touch light processing, and a performance by the award-winning musician, Cammidoh.

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