Accelerate road projects to reduce gridlock

Many commuters have suf­fered as a result of the protracted delays in road construction projects, which have negatively impacted livelihoods, productivity, and health.

Even worse, numerous enormous potholes that have appeared on several of Accra’s main highways since the start of the rainy season are obstructing traffic flow around the city.

These potholes have a signifi­cant impact on maintenance costs because the majority of vehicles that use them break down fre­quently.

Areas most severely impacted are the Obetsebi Lamptey inter­section, Nungua interchange, toll booths, SCC Junction, Atala, and the Ashaiman-Afienya route near Gbeetsile among others.

In reality, because of the numer­ous large potholes on the stretch drivers who use these roads are irritated, especially when there is a gridlock.

Sadly, due to the nation’s economic difficulties, the govern­ment’s IMF programme and debt restructuring, which have impacted funding and slowed down construc­tion, have made the road’s poor condition worse.

The spectator is appealing with the authorities to speed up road construction so that commuters may reach their destinations on time since they are worried on the current state of affairs.

As a temporary measure pot­holes on some roadways can be patched by engineers to reduce traffic. For instance, the industrial area roundabout on Feo Oyeo Link near the New Times Corporation (NTC) has huge potholes which add to the traffic situation on that stretch.

We implore the government to make funds available for road projects to alleviate the suffering of commuters but these projects should be continuously monitored and maintained by trained experts to prevent degradation.

The Spectator is happy to hear that the 5.8-kilometre stretch from School Junction to the Tema Mor­torway in the Greater Accra Region and the 22-kilometre stretch from Dodowa to Adenta would be fin­ished by the end of the year.

It is also rather reassuring to learn that the 1.8 km stretch of road between Kwabenya and Agbog­ba has received approval and that resources are being assembled to enable a contractor to begin work as soon as possible.

We hope our Engineers will en­sure that while building the roads, massive drainage systems that let water flow freely during times of intense rain are built in flood-prone locations to prevent floods.

In addition, bicycle lanes should all be included in road projects including walkways to avoid being knocked down by vehicles.

It is our strong desire that the authorities will expedite action to make these road projects a reality as soon as possible.

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