Addressing gender imbalance in Ghana’s political landscape crucial – Ms Borklo

Addressing gender imbalance in Ghana’s political landscape crucial – Ms Borklo

Ms Borklo

The Assembly member for Fume/Biakpa in the Ho- West District in the Volta Region, Ms Gertrude Adzo Borklo has raised concerns about the gender imbalance in Ghana’s political landscape.

Consequently, she has called for immediate efforts to ad­dress the challenge to pro­vide equal opportunities for women to take up leadership positions.

Speaking to The Spectator, Ms Borklo, one of the three elected assembly women in her area said “the stark reality of gender imbalance in Ghana’s political landscape must sound a clarion call for urgent conversations and col­lective actions.”

”With a mere 259 elected assembly women out of 6,243 total elected members, a 4.1% representation of women in elected assembly positions in Ghana , it is evident that systemic barriers and biases persist,” she stated.

Unfortunately, she said women were not necessarily being hindered by men alone, but also by their own gender which was a painful truth that must be addressed.

Conversations, she said must be focused on challeng­ing patriarchal norms and biases that perpetuate gender stereotypes and limit women’s political participation.

Discussions she said, must also be channeled on advocat­ing for policies and reforms that promote gender equality, such as quotas and affirmative action.

She said, celebrating and amplifying the achievements and voices of women in poli­tics, to inspire and motivate others to follow in their foot­steps would also go a long way to address the challenge.

Ms Borklo said it was also essential to address the intersectional challenges faced by women from diverse backgrounds, such as rural-ur­ban disparities and disability inclusion.

“By having these conversa­tions and working together, we can create a more inclu­sive and equitable political landscape that truly rep­resents the voices and per­spectives of all Ghanaians, regardless of gender,” she mentioned.

 By Michael D. Abayateye

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