Admiration, an essential part of a relationship (final)

Admiration, an essential part of a relationship (final)

Keep growing

Supporting each other’s professional trajectory is part of nourishing admiration. Is there anything you can do help your partner move forward with his or her career? Is there anything your spouse can do for you? These are good and interesting conversations to have. When you get that promotion, you can be sure that your spouse will be right there with much admiration.

Verbalise it

“I admire how you” can be as meaningful as “I love you.” Remember to tell your spouse how much you admire him or her. It can be especially welcome when one is feeling down or depressed. Reminding him or her of gifts worth recognising may be the thing your spouse needs to hear.

Create a list

Right now, list three things you admire about your partner hang on to that list and add to it from time to time. Do not forget to refer to it when going through a rough patch.

What happens when a partner doesn’t feel admired?

As surprising as it may seem, a spouse who cheats does not always stray for sex, it can be because that spouse has not been receiving admiration and appreciation at home. The woman whose husband pays little attention to her at home is primed to be seduced by the fellow at work who listens to her and tells her that her critical thinking skills are awesome. The man whose wife is wrapped up in the children and no longer makes an effort to engage with her husband is an easy prey for a woman who looks at him when he talks, with admiration in her eyes.

In other words, in our love relationships, we need to feel admired as well as loved and desired.

It’s important to keep admiration at the forefront when we are developing our relationships.  Love is not enough to keep a marriage strong and vibrant. Tell your spouse today why you admire him or her. It may open a whole new conversation topic for both of you.


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