Age difference is disturbing

 Obaa Yaa,

I Am 21 years old and a final year student in the universi­ty, while he is 38 doing the mandatory National Service.

We were friends for close to two years when one day, he decided to break the silence between us by leading me to the hostel after l had finished lectures.

Though he proposed to me, he was not prepared to an­swer certain simple questions l asked him.

With time, he became somehow cold towards me for reasons best known to him.

Having moved with him for a couple of years, l have discovered that he is down to earth, respectful, caring, and helps all manner of people in need, and to the best of my knowledge he will be the right husband for me.

Unfortunately, my friends have a different view that the age difference will not be good for both of us to stay as husband and wife.

According to them, they suspect this gentleman to be married, probably having children and could only be in­terested in having sex with me.

I am surprised by the views of my colleagues and currently having sleepless nights.

What should l do?

Mary- Takoradi.

Dear Mary,

Love knows no bounds and people should be allowed to marry those they really love and are prepared to spend the rest of their lives with.

However, one of the facts which should guide an individ­ual when choosing a spouse is the difference in age.

A few years age difference will not be too much of a bother, but if the difference is about 10 years and more, then people will raise eyebrows.

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