Age, gender not barriers to career dreams

Age, gender not barriers to career dreams

Lawyer Gifty Afenyi-Dadzie

 “Age should not be a barrier to one’s success, and neither should your gender,” Mrs Gifty Afenyi- Dadzie has advised.

The veteran journalist gave the advice after her call to the bar last week.

The experienced media practitioner who rose to head the Ghana Journal­ists Association (GJA) and served as a former member of the Council of State was part of 182 newly qualified lawyers who were inducted into the legal profession.

She attributed her achievement to hard work and a strong desire to pur­sue and realise career dreams despite an advancement in age and barriers associated with gender.

Lawyer Gifty Afenyi Dadzie2
Lawyer Gifty Afenyi Dadzie2

Obviously the cynosure of all eyes as a result of the various activities she has involved in, Mrs Afenyi Dadzie advised both the youth and the old not to give up on their career dreams until they were achieved.

Speaking to the media, the 66-year-old said “My journey has been relentless, passionate and vision driven. Age should not be a barrier to your success, and neither should your gender.”

She said the knowledge acquired would enhance her contribution to­wards Ghana’s democracy.

Mrs Afenyi-Dadzie who is also the National Prayer Director of Aglow International urged the people not to relent on achieving their dreams, adding: “when you think you are fail­ing, persevere and God will see you through.”

“For me this is the doing of the Lord and it’s marvelous in our sight,” she said.

She commenced her legal educa­tion at the University of London and continued her post-call at the Ghana School of Law.

The Chief Justice, Justice Gertrude Torkornoo, cautioned the new law­yers not to take shortcuts in pursuit of justice for their clients, adding that it would build their competence in the legal profession.

“You cannot take shortcuts or assume that the rights and interests of those you serve can be rescued without proper preparation.

“The legal profession demands a high level of expertise and we owe a debt to put in all the preparatory hard work, and seek assistance where necessary, in order to deliver quality justice,” the Chief Justice said.

Present were members of the coun­cil led by the Chief Justice, Justices of the superior courts of judicature, Director of Legal Education at the Ghana School of Law, Deputy Attor­ney General and Minister of Justice and Deans of the various faculties of law.

 By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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