Alleged crossdresser killed in Kongo

Alleged crossdresser killed in Kongo

A young man, Bugbil Roger Adaboo Toure, has allegedly been killed for wearing female clothes at Kongo in the Nandom District of the Upper East Region.

The man, believed to be in his early twenties, was found dead in the community and suspected to have been killed by some irate youth of the community.

The man is reported to have gone missing on 3 January 2023, and was found dead on Tuesday, 10 January 2023.

Confirming the incident, Assembly member for the Zanlerigu-Dagliga electoral area, Maxwell‎ Divom, told Class 91.3 FM’s Upper East Regional Correspondent Moses Apiah that the young man was found with stones around his body indicating he might have been stoned to death.

“When the body was found, he was wearing a mini skirt and brassiere. Back in the community, he used to move with ladies, so, we don’t know why he was wearing a mini skirt and brassier,” the Assembly member explained.

He revealed that according to rumors from members of the community, the deceased had been targeted by some persons for cross-dressing, thus, he must have been stoned to death.

The Assembly member said: “Yes, that is the talk in the community, that since they detected he was a guy [but] dressed that way, they thought that he was coming to steal or he was trying to deceive men that he was a female.

“Others even said Roger ever did that on phone and some men thought he was a female and sent him credit.”

The incident has since been reported to the Police in the area.


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