AMA, Guadalajara sign MOU to promote cultural and commercial ties

AMA, Guadalajara sign MOU to promote cultural and commercial ties

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Guadalajara the capital state of Jalisco in western Mexico, to promote cultural and commercial ties between the two cities.
The Chief Executive Officer of AMA, Mrs Elizabeth K. T Sackey, signed on behalf of the Assembly last week Wednesday at a brief ceremony held at the Accra City Hall.
The Director of International Relations and Migrant Attention, Mrs Lilian Rizk Rodrigues, also signed on behalf of the Municipality of Guadalajara.
Mrs Sackey said the friendship between the two cities was the beginning of the collaboration in the areas of arts, culture, tourism, trade, investment and education.
She was hopeful that Guadalajara and Accra would embark on impactful projects to the benefit of its people, stressing that the MOU would impact Ghana and Mexico positively.
“This agreement is the beginning of collaboration in the areas of Arts, Culture, Tourism, Trade, and Investment, Education among others. Indeed, this relationship we are cultivating will go a long way to benefit the citizens and residents of our two cities.
The relationship between Accra and Guadalajara is a testament to the bilateral cooperation that has existed for years between Ghana and Mexico and continues to thrive,” she said.
Mrs. Lilian Rizk Rodrigues, described the union as historic feet for the two cities, citing the agreement as the first of its kind to be signed with an African city.
“We are very excited about the world of possibilities that opens with the signing of this twinning agreement, which we are convinced will translate into multiple benefits for the inhabitants of both cities and will be an example to the international community,” she said. 
The Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Mexico in Ghana, Arturo Salazar was hopeful the agreement would go a long way to foster unity and bring development between the city of Accra and Guadalajara.

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