Apromase fire and other matters

Apromase fire and other matters

● Many structures were destroyed at Sofoline recently

 Dear Editor,

 I have been trying to wrap my mind around the death of the policeman, his wife and three-month-old baby at Apromase in the Ashanti Region, but to no avail.

As I express my heartfelt con­dolences to the bereaved family, it beats my mind that there was no es­cape route for the family in the heat of the moment, if the media reports are anything to go by. We are told the victims were heard shouting for help but nobody could go to their rescue. How could that be?

We are told Police Intelligence and Ghana Fire Service had begun inves­tigating the matter, and I would be glad if they conclude that quickly and reveal any foul play there might be in the incident.

Many a time I have read news of this nature, and this incident at Apromase was happening almost a year after a similar incident at Gomoa Buduburam, in the Central Region, where a family of seven got burnt on January, 15, 2022.

I am not privy to the outcome of investigation into the Buduburam incident but I think the police would do well, this time, to tell us what happened to this young policeman and his family, beyond what we have read in the newspapers.

I want to encourage the public to be alert when it comes to fire out­breaks. It is sad the ‘security systems’ we put in place to prevent burglary turnout to be our ‘nemesis’ in the event of fire outbreak.

Fire officers often advise that buildings or rooms should have at least two exits but many of our rent­ed apartments are such that there is only one entrance or escape route. We need to improve on this and possi­bly install effective but less expensive fire alarms in our homes.

Prior to the Apromase incident, there had been other fire outbreaks early this year. These include the one at Sofoline which razed down three carpentry shops and a pepper mill and another outbreak at a compound house at Fante New Town all in the Ashanti Region.

The year is still young and we need to be more alert and take fire precautions seriously.

Yunusah Essandoh,


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