Be peace Threatening rainstorms and the need to restore our forest coverful with each other

Be peace Threatening rainstorms and the need to restore our forest coverful with each other

It is important for everyone in this country to engage in peaceful relations with each other so as to ensure that development projects and programmes are carried out to their logical conclusions.

If peaceful relations are absent from our daily lives, the results will be chaos or disorderliness.

For this reason, we need to en­gage in peaceful co-existence with one another. If such relations are carried out in this way, the result will be positive for everyone.

Without peace, there cannot be smooth development in any part of this country. It is for this reason that all the 16 regions of this country ought to engage in peaceful co-exis­tence with one another, whether at the individual, community or region­al levels.

If individuals engage in peaceful relations with one another, it will help to promote smooth develop­ment in the community and equally in the country as a whole.

From the community level, if there are good community relations, the level of development of the country will be greatly enhanced.

When this happens, the confi­dence among the people will also be greatly enhanced, which will result in high productivity.

The Spectator wishes to com­mend all Ghanaians for their peace­ful co-existence with one another. This has portrayed the country as peaceful in the eyes of the world.

We, however, wish to appeal to all warring factions in any part of the country to stop with immediate effect any needless engagement that will disturb the peace that has been promoted in the country. The Bawku conflict is a case in point.

The warring factions ought to be ashamed of what they are doing to prevent school children and pub­lic and private workers from going about their duties.

Let us engage in peaceful co-ex­istence to enhance rapid socioeco­nomic development in the country.

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