Black Panther: Amaarae featured on Wakanda Forever Prologue

Black Panther: Amaarae featured on Wakanda Forever Prologue

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Amaarae has been featured on the new soundtrack EP for the Black Panther sequel.

The soundtrack EP Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prologue was released by Hollywood Records and Marvel Music on Monday, July 25.

Amaarae sang the second track on the three-track EP. The track called ‘A body, A Coffin’, despite its name is an upbeat Afrobeat-inspired track.

She co-wrote the song with Swediah composer Ludwig Göransson, Kyu Steed, KZ, Cracker Mallo and Maesu.

Black Panther: Amaarae featured on Wakanda Forever Prologue

The track follows Tems’ ‘No Woman No Cry’ which was featured in the first teaser ahead of the movie’s release in November.

The EP also features “Soy” by Mexican artiste, Santa Fe Klan.

Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson produced all three songs, and co-wrote “A Body, A Coffin” with Amaarae,

Amaarae took to her social media handles to share the good news with her fans and followers.

Black Panther’s director Ryan Coogler and Göransson released a statement explaining the EP.

They noted that the EP is a look into what’s to come for both the film and the official soundtrack album.

Read the full statement below:

This Prologue is an aural first glimpse of Wakanda Forever. The sound world for the film began with extended trips to Mexico and Nigeria.

We spent our days working with traditional musicians who educated us about the cultural, social and historical contexts of their music.

We built a catalogue of instrumental and vocal recordings with them that explored both traditional and non-traditional uses of their musical material.

During the nights on these trips, we had recording sessions with contemporary artists who were akin to the characters and thematic material explored in the film.

Using the script as a blueprint, along with the recordings from the traditional musicians, we began to build a musical vocabulary for the characters, storylines and cultures.

The instrumental score and soundtrack for Wakanda Forever both organically grew from these sessions and workshops.

They are conceived together as a singular entity to create an immersive and enveloping sound world for the film.


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