Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) commits funds to fighting cancer in Ghana

Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) commits funds to fighting cancer in Ghana

Dr Juliet Quansah (left) with one of the beneficiaries

of the Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF)

Within the past five years, the Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) has financed various cancer related activities including the treatment of needy cancer patients across the country to a tune of more than GHC300,000.00.

This year alone, as of May 2023, the Foundation has so far spent GHC13,000.00 on individuals fighting various forms of cancers including breast and eye cancers.

Vice president of the CSNF, Mr Eric Brobbey who made the revelation indicated that financial support for needy cancer patients was very necessary as many of the patients lost their lives because they are unable to afford the complete recommended treatment for the disease.

He bemoaned that some sufferers of cancer found difficulty in raising money to commence treatment after diagnosis, causing the disease to progress.

Delay in treatment, he said, had cost the lives of many cancer patients who had chances of surviving the disease “and this is what we want to prevent at all cost. We are doing our best to support some patients, to increase their chances of surviving.”

According to Mr Brobbey, delay in diagnosis was also a cause for worry due to the fact that some patients are unable to afford the cost for further investigations, others too end up resorting to all forms of unapproved treatment methods because of financial constraints.

He reiterated that the CSNF would continue to give off its best in helping as many cancer patients as possible, beat cancer.

Mr Brobbey, who is also an oncology nurse said the Foundation does not only focus on financing the treatment of cancer patients who were in need but also focused on increasing awareness about the disease and how to prevent it.

He therefore called on individuals and organisations to support the CNFS achieve its objectives.

Dr Juliet Quansah, a medical oncologist practicing in the United States of America (USA) is the Founder and Board Chair of the CSNF.


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