Cancer Support Network Foundation holds webinar

Cancer Support Network Foundation  holds webinar

Medical Oncologist, Dr Juliet Appiah-Quansah,

Founder of the Cancee Support Network Foundation

A medical Oncologist, Dr Juliet Appiah-Quansah has urged men to take proactive measures in their daily lives to significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Underscoring the critical importance of lifestyle choices in preventing the disease, she noted that a healthy diet, regular exercise and avoiding stress could offer protection against prostate cancer.

She gave the advice during a webinar organized by the CSNF yesterday as part of programmes to create awareness about the condition.

September each year has been set aside globally, to create awareness about prostate cancer and generate support for those affected by the disease.

According to Dr Appiah-Quansah, there is no safe method of smoking therefore men must ensure they desist from such acts, avoid diets with too much meat and processed foods.

“As it stands now one out of eight men stand the risk of having prostate cancer therefore it is important that awareness creation is increased to educate people on the disease, the symptoms they should look out for and where they can go for screening among others,” she added.

Explaining, the medical oncologist stated that people of African descent, age and a strong family history of prostate cancer predisposed a person more to the disease, therefore Ghanaians and Africans at large, must take prostate cancer prevention initiatives seriously.

Describing prostate cancer as a curable disease, she said treatment usually depends on the stage of the cancer, adding that early detection improves treatment outcomes and saves lives.

Timely intervention, she said enhances the chance of curing the disease, making early detection a crucial factor in reducing mortality rates and ensuring better overall health for affected individuals.

According to Dr Appiah-Quansah who is also the founder of the CSNF, it is very necessary for men to take Prostate- Specific Antigen (PSA) tests seriously, as such tests aid in identifying cancer before symptoms appear.

She also advised persons diagnosed of the diseases to stick only to the advise of their doctors and desist from relying on herbal products to cure prostate cancer.

“I do not recommend the use of any herbal products to treat any form of cancer. Only tested and tried medicines should be used, that is why it is advisable to visit the hospital for treatment of cancer.”

“Conventional therapy is approved and has helped many people beat and survive cancer,” she added.

An oncologist at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), Dr Anita Owusu-Afriyie on her part said some of the symptoms of prostate cancer include painful urination, blood in urine and bone pain.

She also called on the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to put in place a proper cancer registry in Ghana for effective cancer control and public health.

A General Nurse and Secretary of the CSNF, Mr Blaise Ackom in his remarks tasked the government to take cancer care seriously to improve early detection and treatment to save lives.

A board member of the CSNF, Dr Marc Drazosi, some survivors of prostate cancer and other members of the public also partook in the webinar.


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