Christian Atsu, rest in perfect peace!

 Hundreds from all walks of life trooped in to show solidarity during the funeral and burial of Christian Atsu who was peacefully laid to rest yesterday.

What was beautiful about the whole event was the presence of all kinds of people from all nooks and crannies.

They included top government officials such as President Akufo-Ad­do and the Minister of Youth and Sports. Others included some mem­bers of the Diplomatic Corps and other officials.

The funeral attracted current and former footballers, sportsmen and women as well as some Ghana­ians and non-Ghanaians.

This was not surprising because the late football star dedicated his life to serving humanity. He was not only interested in addressing the needs of his family members, but also attended to people who were in need of assistance.

He could have committed himself to serving the interests of his family alone. However, he had a big heart for all people who were in need.

Christian Atsu did all he could to serve the interests of humanity, which explains why his name is writ­ten in gold in the hearts of Ghana­ians and non-Ghanaians alike.

The presence of President Akufo-Addo and other government officials showed that they had great respect for the football star and his family. This truth is not far-fetched.

Many football enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts were all willing to be associated with the event.

It goes to show that any little good work we carry out in this world, will always be remembered. This is a lesson that must be fol­lowed by humanity all.

A healthy and strong player of the calibre of Christian Atsu should not have ended abruptly the way it did. However, it is difficult to under­stand why such sad things occur.

We take comfort from God, who created heaven and earth and all the things in them.

At the same time, The Spectator wishes to comfort his immediate and entire family. They should continue to put their trust in God.

The family should be proud that they have been able to produce a kind-hearted person like Christian Atsu who came into this world to serve humanity.

The entire country is sad, but we believe strongly that the works he did on earth will not be in vain.

Like all departed souls, we ask for God’s grace and mercy for him.

May the Almighty God grant him peace and receive him into His bosom.

Christian Atsu, rest in perfect peace. We will always love and re­member you.

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