Christians advised to live humble lives

Christians advised to live humble lives

• Very Rev Fr Pani

The Chaplain of the Margret Marquart Cath­olic Hospital at Kpando, Very Rev Fr Emmanuel Pani has called on Christians to channel their lives in humil­ity through Jesus Christ who humbled himself in order to assume man’s humanity.

Preaching the homily on Sunday, Very Rev Fr Pani asked Christians to manifest the glory of God to others through their lives to enable them to accept the message of salva­tion which Jesus Christ brought to the world.

“ In your life’s journey of faith, you must focus on Jesus Christ and seek Him in the darkest moments of your lives.

“ We must direct our con­centration on God and ask for His direction since He is the way the truth, and the life”.

He asked the youth to ask questions about God when in doubt, and remember that the world needed good leaders and mentors who would mo­tivate others and encourage them to lead them out of their predicaments.

He called on the faithful to allow Jesus Christ to lead them through life, adding that,” it is only Jesus Christ who will lead you to become successful in life. Dependence on God is a sign of humility and this demonstrates that without God mortal man is nothing.”

The Chaplain assured that God would restore hope to the hopeless and those distressed, and called on the faithful to pray ceaselessly that the darkness of sin would be removed in their lives.

He encouraged those who were born to poor parents or families not to feel intimidat­ed, but rather be motivated to work hard to change their fortunes.

Fr Pani urged the faithful to re-dedictate their time and lives to the service of God, follow the example of the prophets and remain commit­ted.

“Refrain from becoming obstacles for others to make progress in their Christian lives. As children, you should not follow the advice of bad friends, but do well in your studies to become great in life,” he said.

By Raymond Kyekye

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