Christians urged to work hard to secure financial liberty

Christians urged to work hard to secure financial liberty

Mrs Safia Ayivor speaking to the church members

The Nungua District Assemblies of God (AG) Women’s Ministry Secretary, Mrs Safia Sulemana Ayivor has urged Christians to secure financial liberty while winning souls for Christ.

According to her, it was important for Christians to also seek financial freedom while attending to church activities in order to live a decent life especially after retirement.

“It is good to be devoted to the work of the Lord but it’s also important to invest in your future to ensure a decent and healthy life and continue the work of God even at an old age,” she stated.

She was speaking under the theme, ‘Economic liberty, the need for side jobs,’ during the recently held Nungua District AG Women’s Ministry Outreach at Lashibi in Accra.

Ms Ayivor introduced participants to investment opportunities while urging them to get other jobs to support their income.

“It is always important to do other things which would provide additional funds to sustain you, especially after retirement,” she added.

The investment professional with Prudential Life added that, creating a sustainable future by getting other streams of income was the way to go and advised professionals to take advantage of the opportunities available.

She also urged the youth especially not to be too comfortable with single incomes as it might not be enough to secure the brighter future they envisage.

“Let us continue with our steadfast duties in the church but also work hard and make a good living for ourselves and families,” she added.

By Michael D. Abayateye

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