Church elder can’t wait for God …consults river deity on wife’s infidelity

Church elder can’t wait for God …consults river deity on wife’s infidelity

● He dumped the Bible and sought help elsewhere

Church elder who could no longer contain the infidelity of his wife put the Bible aside and sought redress from a river deity instead.

He believed waiting for God to address his issue might delay hence the decision of Mr Moses Grushi also known as Father Moses, to drag his wife before Koteafere, a river deity at Agyirnia near Bibiani in the Western North Region for speedy resolution.

Lo and behold his plan worked like magic as his wife readily confessed having affair with a Deacon in her husband’s church (name withheld).

The culprit was identified as Deacon Emma.

Mr Grushi had for some­time been suspecting his wife of “Conjugal infidelity” but lacked scintilla of evidence to prove his case.

But his decision to con­sult the river goddess solved this puzzle timeously to his satisfaction.

Speaking to a local radio station here in the presence of The Spectator, Father Mo­ses said he had three children with the wife with the third child being six months old.

He said that the deacon mostly held church service in the evening at about 9:00pm and would invite the wife.

“Anytime he invited my wife, he would ask her if I were around, something that made me suspicious”, he indi­cated.

According to Father Moses, he was compelled to contact Nana Kwaku Amoah, Chief of Sefwi Brahabebome, who led him to the river goddess.

At the shrine, he stated that he promised the deity a fowl and a sheep if the secret would be revealed.

He said two days after the consultation, the wife’s demeanour changed and she confessed she had been hav­ing affair with the deacon.

“If I had told people that the deacon was having an affair with my wife, it would have been difficult to be­lieve, hence I took the deci­sion to consult the deit.

“I did not mean to dis­grace him (Deacon), I only wanted the truth of the matter to come out”, he stressed.

Father Moses further said that after the confession, he went back to Nana Kwaku Amoah to fulfill his pledge to the deity.

Nana Kwaku Duah also confirmed the incident saying “Father Moses honoured his promise and he led him again to the shrine to offer the fowl and sheep”.

 From Kingsley E. Hope, Kumasi

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