Clear water paths to reduce flooding

Dear Editor,

The weekend’s torrential rain in many areas of the country truly exposed a bigger problem we have neglected as a country.

Many areas got flooded with­in an hour of the last rains. Places around the Kotoka International Airport, Dwor­wulu and Abbossey Okai near Kaneshie were not spared.

Among the many videos that emerged, I found the Abbossey Okai area as one that we must take a second look at and do something quickly about it.

It was scary how flood wa­ters covered both sections of the road, blocked vehicular traffic as passengers on public and private vehicles were moved to higher grounds with the help of a ladder.

Others had to find their own ways to move to places to guarantee their safety.

This issue about flooding has become a ritual despite the

 commentaries by politicians and technocrats on how to solve it.

We all admit the prob­lem has been a result of our drains, most of which are choked with rubbish from households and plastic.

However, the discussion on how to deal with this problem ends after the rains subside. After that, we wait for anoth­er rainy season for the rains to come and start procuring mats, containers, clothes, food and other stuff to support those worse affected.

With more rains expected, the authorities must know it was time to walk the talk and start implementing measures that would stop or minimise these floods which sometimes endangers the lives of people.

Kwame Osei Karikari,


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