Curb blasting menace in Nkukua-Buoho

 Dear Editor,

Nkukua-Buoho, a village in the Afigya Kwabre South district of the Ashanti Region, is plagued with negative effects of blasting as a result of the operations of quarry sites in the area.

These companies use explosives with ammonium nitrate to get rid of steady rocks or big stones to create space for infrastructure development and also to make it easier for the tapping of natural resources.

These quarry operations affect the atmosphere. The deafening noise from the blasting makes life very difficult for the inhabitants in this area.

This is not healthy as the noise pollution can adversely impact the sense of hearing of the residents.

The residue of the explosives can also mix up with the soil and emit harmful gas, which when inhaled can result in cardiovascular infections, among others.

Structures in Buoho have succumbed to the harsh impulses from the blasting beneath the earth. The walls of buildings have developed deep cracks with a few buildings collapsing.

For fear of being trapped by a collapse building, residents whose structures have developed cracks have abandoned them to seek for shelter somewhere.

The situation has brought untold hardship on the people Nkukua-Buoho village.

Sadly, their cries to the authorities to intervene appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

It is our hope that through the publication of our plight, the authorities responsible for the activities of these quarry sites come to our aid or rescue by accessing the conditions here and take the appropriate measures to safeguard our lives and properties.

Alhassan Ramatu

University of Media, Arts and Communication-

Faculty Journalism

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