Dear friends… Veep, Dr. Bawumia writes

Dear friends… Veep, Dr. Bawumia writes

Dr. Bawumia

One of the problems Ghana has faced in the area of revenue generation since independence is that only about 9% of properties in Ghana pay property taxes.

 This is because we have not had a database of properties, the owners, and their addresses. As a result, many property owners do not even receive bills for property taxes although they are willing to pay.

Thanks to the implementation of the Digital Property Address System, the Ghana card, and Mobile Money Interoperability, and after three years of painstaking work, Government has been able to put in place a Unified digital platform for property taxation which the Ghana Revenue Authority is now rolling out together with the Municipal and District Assemblies.

The Unified Digital Platform for Property Taxation includes the list and details of over 7 million properties, uniquely identified by their addresses. This is a historic innovation for Ghana.

On this digital platform, property owners can verify their property rates and pay same and receive receipts online. Also, the GRA and MMDAs can see, in real-time, which properties have or have not paid their property taxes. This unified digital platform will significantly increase property rate collection and revenues.

The Unified Property Rate Platform can be accessed at and I encourage you to visit, log in and explore the site.

My thanks to the Ministers for Finance, Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development, Lands and Natural Resources, the

Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority and other stakeholders who worked closely and tirelessly with my office to bring this major project to completion.

God bless our homeland Ghana

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