Don’t drive under influence of illegal drugs

 In view of drunkenness and drug abuse on the part of some drivers, it is necessary to promote sensiti­sation for road users.

Experts say alcohol dulls parts of the brain that control how the body works. It can interfere with attention, perceptual functioning, and motor skills, as well as deci­sion-making while driving. Drinking, therefore, impairs the ability to drive and increases the risk of caus­ing an accident.

Incredibly, some of our drivers resort to hard drugs and alcohol before getting into their vehicles at the various lorry stations. This behaviour is bad because while they think the drugs they take can make them work hard and not get tired, they rather harm them in many ways.

Though such drivers are able to work throughout the day and at night in order to make more money for themselves, this behaviour is not good but the drivers are ignorant about the effects on their own lives.

The truth is substance use can impair perception, cognition, at­tention, balance, coordination, and other brain functions necessary for safe driving. Driving under hard or soft drug has been linked to reck­less driving, car crashes, and fatal accidents.

In light of this, The Spectator is advising all our drivers to stay away from this behaviour. When they de­cide to work throughout the night, their bodies get tired and they can easily break down or have accidents on the road.

The result may be unpleasant as lives can be lost. This brings sadness to many families.

As Christmas approaches, many drivers are planning to take advan­tage of the festive season to make more profit. They must do this through their natural strength, not by any other means.

They should avoid their usual intention to work extra hours by using hard or soft drugs like marijua­na, hashish, ecstasy, and cocaine to achieve their goals.

Every driver must abstain from using these drugs.

It is also good that everyone abstains from drugs in order for our society to be free and safe.

Christmas is a season of peace. We must all work to make the season a happy, peaceful, and enjoy­able occasion.

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