Don’t serve unhealthy foods after keep fit exercise – Dietician

Don’t serve unhealthy foods after keep fit exercise – Dietician

● Unhealthy foods ruin exercise regime

 Dietician, Mr. Wise Letsa has noted with concern, how some organisers of health walk serve unhealthy foods and even alcohol after their activities.

“Foods like fried proteins and sausages, fried and oily rice, large portions of any meal etc are bad foods or bad eating habits that can make nonsense of your exercise regime “ the Health Advocate disclosed in an interview with The Spectator on Wednesday.

He further cautioned against the consumption of a lot of soft drinks and alcohol during exercise.

He said at a time when lifestyle related diseases had taken centre stage in the society, the development of serving unhealthy food after exercise was worrying.

The dietician said as many young people were getting hy­pertension, strokes, diabetes, kidney diseases among others and even leading to death, healthy eating and exercising should be a priority for all.

He said keep fit exercises helped to improve brain func­tion, remove pains and aches, strengthen immunity, improve mood and make one fit and strong.

“Exercise is the next best natural remedy for curing lifestyle related diseases and as a wellness advocate, I am so happy to see the many calls to action. However, all the above benefits can be eroded almost immediately if one feasts on some bad food just after the exercise re­gime” he said.

He advised patrons of health walks to eat something healthy and small at home be­fore stepping out to join such walks and also carry a bottle of water and return home for another healthy meal.

“This way, all the energy you burn can remain burnt; so that your exercise regime affects your life in a positive way” he said.

He advised organisers of such health walks to liaise with professionals to help in ensuring that their mem­bers eat well to ensure good outcomes and embrace good living.

 From Dzifa Tetteh Tay, Tema.

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