Easter holiday wind down: …pinics, beach parties feature prominently

Easter holiday wind down: …pinics, beach parties feature prominently

Popular beaches were well patronised

The commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ comes with excitement and a renewed sense of hope and inspiration for Christians.

Therefore, following long days of fasting and somewhat stressful weekend of spiritual activities, many churches took the opportunity early this week to cool off even as they continued to keep the faith and live the life the Saviour encourages us to live.

Rellevers took part in fun activities at the beach

A quick scan at some church prem­ises and other locations in the city of Accra on Easter Monday, captured some individuals and groups engaged in one recreational activity or the other from mid morning to dusk.

While some groups made it to the beaches, others entertained and chal­lenged themselves with games such as oware, lime and spoon race, sack race, ludo, tug of peace, and dancing com­petition, among others at designated venues.

The celebrations were to strengthen the bond among families and church members and encourage people to maintain moral standards that were pleasing to God and mankind.

Some churches mainly encouraged the “bring-and-share” approach as hundreds came together to interact with one another at the mini food bazaars inter­spersed with music.

There were morning services at some places of worship prior to the gatherings after which revellers from far and near found a way to keep themselves busy at seashores across the capital.

Public and private security was tight in spite of the large numbers who turned up to have fun. Operators at popular beaches in Accra also deployed lifeguards to handle eventualities.

Indeed, it was a fun-filled day for many people, including believers and non-believers.

Our photographer Lizzy Okai captured some of the exciting moments children and adults had at some of the event centres as they wrapped up the short holiday.

 By Lizzy Okai

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