Environmental protection is essential

 The planet Earth has been cre­ated to ensure balance among various elements that exist as components that help sustain it.

When we limit the argument to the earth, we notice that the living beings, comprising animals, plants and humans; the forests, the water bodies, the rocks, the atmospheric gases, and many other things are necessary for the sustenance of this earth. Without this, there will be no ecological balance, and living things will be threatened.

In addition, the quality of life on earth will be lowered or made worse to the disadvantage of every living thing.

In light of this, any threat to the environment will be hazardous to everyone. Environmental degrada­tion is something that should not be encouraged.

One form of environmental degradation comes about as a result of illegal mining. Illegal mining, otherwise known as “galamsey”, has attracted many young people in the country.

As a result of this illegal mining, forests and plantations have been destroyed. In effect, food output and other forms of agricultural production are adversely affected, which in turn lead to hunger and loss of employment in the agricultural sector.

Besides, water bodies have also been destroyed, making it difficult for the people in this country to get access to clean and enough water.

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is experiencing high cost of production by saving drinking water to serve the needs of people in various communities.

The chemicals used in mining in water bodies have polluted the wa­ter, raising the cost of ensuring safe treatment of the water.

Another danger is that chemicals like mercury used in illegal mining in water bodies have serious health effects. The health effects include heart diseases, destruction of other internal organs in the human body and skin rashes.

The time has therefore come for each of us to contribute our quota towards saving the environment. If this is done, we will all be guaran­teed good health and safety on this earth.

Laws on the environment must be rigidly enforced by relevant author­ities. Our district assemblies should take this matter up and seek collab­oration with the police to prosecute offenders. If we pursue this matter in a serious manner, environmental degradation will stop.

Let us protect the environment to make life more comfortable for all people on this earth.

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