Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

• Love is beautiful

Tell him what you appre­ciate about him

He goes to work every day and spends long hours and deals with a lot of issues. He is good at helping things to run smoothly there. He helps the children at home, and also takes care of maintain­ing the lawn.

If you ask me how to show respect in a relationship or what respect looks like in a marriage, it isn’t all that difficult. Love and respect in marriage can be expressed through small gestures.

One thing that makes a man feel you respect him is to tell him all of these things that you appreciate about him. Tell him you understand how hard he works.

Tell him that his skills inspire you and that you love how good he keeps the house neat and attractive. That makes your evening so much more comfortable with the children because he helps.

Use a loving tone

When you are thinking about how to build respect in a marriage, a big part of respect to a man isn’t just the content of the words, but how they are said. A man can spot insincerity or an un­loving tone from a distance.

When a wife speaks in a kind and loving manner to her husband, there is no better sound to a man.

So the takeaway is, don’t criticise but build him up to maintain love and respect in the marriage.

Tell others about him

What you say about your husband to others has a way of getting back to him. If it’s good, he’ll feel respected by you.

When he’s not near, and you speak well of him to oth­ers, he feels safe and good that you made that effort.

Believe in him

Your husband needs your encouragement. Some­times he feels vulnerable or unsure; if his wife is right there and believes he can do it, then that’s all he needs. He will feel respected and have the courage he needs to forge ahead. A man with a woman behind him who believes in him can do just about anything.


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