Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

Essential tips to foster love and respect in your marriage

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It’s no surprise that men and women are different. And, we’re not just talking about physical differences. Men and women think differ­ently and find different things relevant to their lives.

Although both men and women value love and re­spect in marriage, according to marriage therapists, they look at love differently.

To women, they need love to survive. But then, so do men. How they view what love is and how they wish to receive it are very different from each other. One big key to a HYPERLINK “https:// relationship/how-to-build-deep-connections-stay-happy-interview-with-author-kira-asatryan/” happy marriage is understanding that and putting it into practice.

In short, women value love in an emotional sense. Men, however, crave respect.

So, if you have been think­ing about ways on how to show respect to your husband or how to show HYPERLINK “ advice/love/importance-of-love-in-marriage/” love in marriage, look no further.

You are at the right place where you can pick up the language of love and re­spect as well as learn to show affection and respect to your spouse.

Here are 10 tips to bring more love and respect in marriage, with each person taking note of what the other person values and needs the most.

Show affection

What is love in marriage as far as women are con­cerned?

For women to feel loved, they need to be shown affection regularly. This is separate from HYPERLINK “ advice/physical-intimacy/” sex.

She needs hugs, kisses, cuddles, and loving touches. She needs to know that you love her in this way without it having to lead to intima­cy every time. It makes her feel valued. And this is how a woman perceives love and respect in marriage.

Give her lots of attention

For women, another defi­nition of love and respect in marriage is attention!

HYPERLINK “https:// relationship/things-women-want-from-their-husbands/” Women want a lot of atten­tion. This can be shown in many ways, and it’s essential to pay attention to what your wife truly needs. Most women view attention as talking.

Husbands need to talk to their wives to show love and respect in marriage. The subject of the talking is less important than the sincerity behind it.

So ask how her day went, show an interest in what she did that day, ask questions about what she thinks about particular issues to express your respect and love in marriage.

Listen without giving advice

Women need your listen­ing ear. Women are smart, capable people. They can fig­ure out their problems pretty well. But they need your encouragement to do so.

If you have been won­dering how to show love and respect in marriage, listen instead of trying to solve their problems.

Encourage her in what she feels is right. Validate that what she is feeling is perfect­ly normal.

Plan alone time, just the two of you

Husbands, your wives crave time with only the two of you together. So, remember that HYPERLINK “https://www.marriage. com/advice/relationship/ ways-to-have-a-quality-time-with-your-partner/” couples time is synonymous with love and respect in marriage for a woman.

During a regular day, she is working, finishing projects, coordinating with co-workers or friends; she is cleaning and organising and taking care of dinner.

Most of her day is spent doing things for other peo­ple. After a while, she gets depleted, and she feels com­pletely disconnected from you.

What she wants is to relax and recharge with just you by her side. When she has that regularly—sometimes it needs to be scheduled, perhaps as a HYPERLINK “https://www.­ples_b_1460693” \t “_blank” weekly date together—then she feels like you two are in this together, even though you spend a lot of your days doing separate things.

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