Excellove Egyabeng …engineer promoting safe gas usage

Excellove Egyabeng …engineer promoting safe gas usage

● Mr. Emmanuel Excellove Egyabeng

The cliché that says “safe­ty is a small investment for the rich future”, and “safety rules are your best tools” actually resonates to building a formidable future for homes and industries through gas installations.

That, notwithstanding, it is very prudent that, one must always put measures in place to enhance a safety living at where individuals reside, and one cannot leave the issue of safe gas installation in this phenomenon.

Mr. Emmanuel Excellove Egyabeng receiving an award.

The spotlight today is on an enthusiastic man who is providing sterling services and creating awareness of gas installation at homes and industries.

Mr. Emmanuel Excellove Egyabeng, Managing Director of Excello Engineering Ser­vices in an interview with The Spectator highlighted on the need for ensuring safety at all times when one uses gas for domestic and industrial purposes.

The use of Liquified Petro­leum Gas (LPG), has been a major use of cooking fuel in developed areas and it is clas­sified as a clean burning fuel that has low carbon and emits virtually no black carbon.

Its usage, like the two-sid­ed coin has its pros and cons when handled with an over­sight.

Mr. Emmanuel Excellove Egyabeng


The expert hails from Agona Duakwa in the Central Region of Ghana but has lived most of his early life in Accra where he started his basic school at Teshie and later relocated to Mallam.

Mr. Egyebeng’s parents was Madam Sarah Acquah and Mr. Joseph Egyebeng are all alive and doing well. His father was an Accountant General who worked with the Information Services Department.


Mr. Egyabeng

As a man with great sense of purpose, he told The Spectator that, he is poised to make outstanding feats in his endeavours to promote quali­ty and safety through service deliveries in all his engineer­ing works.

“I am an optimistic person who always want to acquire valuable skills through build­ing on professional prowess by learning current technologies and tools used in my line of work”.

He mentioned that, he always goes the extra mile to unleash his peculiar potentials imbibed in him and has loved to work on big projects and some notable thermal plants in the country.


Aspiring to be Ghana’s top engineering services provider, the expert revealed that he takes keen interest in training the Ghanaian youth to venture into all the services provided by Excello Engineering which would serve as a gateway for their financial liberation.

According to him, training the youth would help bridge the unemployment gap in the nation, which could help alleviate poverty among the unemployed.

Mr. Egyabeng counselled the youth to branch into areas which involve vocational and technical training by seeing it as a viable alternative to har­ness the talents for financial and economic well-being.

“This work is lucrative and a youth who would delve into this venture at an early stages would make a lot of income and enjoy significant benefits” he added.


The Director reiterated that, his outfit has the best of tools and personnel who deliver quality services in Gas piping installation, fire suppression system, gas safety cylinder cage, gas leakage de­tectors, domestic gas cooker service, industrial kitchen de­sign and set-up among others.

With staunch passion in propagating the need for the safety usage of gas and other engineering precautions, Mr Egyabeng a dedicated Chris­tian, draws his motivation from the work he does as an evangelist to spread the need for safety for all to practice.

“I see my job as an advo­cate who is rescuing the per­ishing that lacks information on gas usage and its installa­tion”, he stressed.

The skillful engineer speaks English, Fante, Ga and Twi, loves athletics and enjoys cooking a variety of foods. “I can cook sumptuous meals and even prepare exotic breakfast” he disclosed.


The experienced gas engi­neer has worked with nota­ble brands including Servair Ghana and Manbah Gas and partnered with Excello Engi­neering services to embark on projects.

He called on both public and private entities to invest in projects that can help in sensitising the need for best practices while dealing with gas and its related equipment.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah

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