Exploitation of parents by some SHS heads

Second cycle institutions have just re-opened and fresh stu­dents who are entering the first year have been given bills to bring in certain items which they will need in school.

These items include brooms, cutlasses and buckets. At this time, these items have risen in prices be­cause of the demand for them.

If these things are to help the school in any way, they will not be seen as creating problems for parents.

However, it is becoming increas­ingly clear that many heads of the institutions see this time as a period to exploit parents and guardians. When these items are brought, they are kept by loyal friends of the heads of the institutions who ensure that the items are taken to a partic­ular shop for sale to the public.

We are told that, some of the shops are owned by the heads of the schools. This amounts to exploita­tion of parents and guidance.

The Spectator is, therefore, of the view that, special investigations need to be carried out into such matters. The investigation is very necessary because, the behaviour of these heads amount to defeating the purpose of the free SHS system and also the TVET programme being implemented by government.

It amounts to nothing but sabotage of the government pro­gramme of free education at the secondary level. Many parents are not happy about this, so the Ministry of Education together with the Gha­na Education Service is expected to act on this issue without delay.

The GES has already directed the heads of institutions to make use of only GES approved prospectus. Failure to do this will attract severe sanctions. We are happy to hear this, so we expect the GES to rigidly apply the sanctions.

The purpose of the free SHS and free TVET is to make it possible for everyone to gain access to education at the secondary level. Saboteurs should, therefore, not be allowed to have their way in this matter.

What the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service can do is to come out with a standard prospectus for all schools. It is true that items like paint may be needed to paint schools from time to time but if these are to be sold selfishly by some of the heads, then we need to take drastic measures against this misbehaviour and disgraceful act.

The system ought to be sanitised at once. If this is not done immedi­ately, the purpose of the free SHS and TVET will be defeated.

Parents are not happy about this so the earlier something is done about the issue, the better it will be for the educational system at the second cycle schools.

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