Fare thee well, Christian Atsu

<strong>Fare thee well, Christian Atsu</strong>

• Christian Atsu

“A sad fact is that with life comes death. It will happen to all of us but that doesn’t make dealing with our understanding it any easier”. – Sally Collins.

When news about the survivors of the Turkey earthquake started filtering in to Ghanaians, hopes were high that our Christian Atsu would be found alive in spite of the uncertain­ties surrounding the disaster that had affected Ghanaians as well as other people in the world.

Finally, when the unfortunate news about the death was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the entire country became devastated by the development. The devasta­tion did not exclude anyone but all Ghanaians, including the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, all government officials, parliamentarians, members of the ju­diciary and, indeed, everyone in the country. People in foreign countries were all saddened by the news.


What is more painful about his death is not only his connection with the game of football but his unique philanthropic spirit exhibited to many Ghanaians.

He was kind-hearted and cared for the poor and the needy. He helped widows, many poor people in the country and also prisoners who could not pay the fines imposed on them for which reason many of such people were committed to prison.

The Executive Director of the NGO, Time With Prisoners, Mr Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng will be the best person to testify to Christian Atsu’s exploits and assistance in this area.

The late football star supported also the sick in our hospitals as well as provided support for those suf­fering from breast cancer. May God continue to bless him.


Ghana and the world have lost a great person at this time. His re­placement would be very difficult as has been pointed out by President Akufo- Addo.

It is good that the govenment through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has arranged and brought the body of the late football star to Ghana. Indeed, we are all grateful for this role and wish to extend our gratitude to the government.


Christian Atsu’s kind-heartedness is worthy of emulation by all Gha­naians. This is what God the Creator expects us to do when we are bless­ed with resources in any form.

The late Christian Atsu was very respectful, humble and also, unlike others, did not publicise his good works. In fact, what we know about his philanthropic activities have come to light because of certain individuals in the media.

Indeed, left to him alone, most of his good works would have been kept on the quiet.

There are many other philan­thropic activities which he has undertaken and again had intended to undertake to help humanity which are not known to the public. God will continue to bless him abundant­ly even in death.

We read in Mathew 25:36 as told by Jesus Christ that, “I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me; in prison and you visited me.”


What this means is that, Christian Atsu’s philanthropic exploits were done for Christ. These deeds would not be in vain but serve as a reward for him as well as his wife and chil­dren and the entire family. He has opened a doorway for special bless­ings for all of them. This explains why he will be remembered in this world at all times.

Today, Ghanaians are sad because of this untimely death but we know that God is still in control.” He heals the broken- hearted and bandages their wounds”. – Psalm 147:3.

Again, we are encouraged, those who are sad, by the scriptures to stand firm in the Lord no matter what. This is because we read in John 14:1 that, “do not be worried and upset but believe in God”.

We further read in Psalm 34:18 that, “the Lord is near to those who are discouraged. He saves those who have lost all hope”.


Christian Atsu is dead and gone but his life on earth has brought great lessons for every Ghanaian. In the first place, we should be com­mitted to whatever we are doing on this earth. Secondly, we should know that the special talents we possess are to help us serve our country and the world in a positive way.

Thirdly, we should be patriotic and also philanthropic enough to serve humanity and that should not be done for our personal fame and self aggrandisement but be carried out in a quiet and non-publicised manner as was carried by our late star.

The late Christian Atsu has played his part in a positive manner. What about you!!!

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By Dr. Kofi Amponsah-Bediako

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