From deportation to celebrity…Nana Ama McBrown shares her ‘sad’ story 

From deportation to celebrity…Nana Ama McBrown shares her ‘sad’ story 


Something which could have easily broken her and shuttered her ambition forever rather propelled her to greatness today. 

Not even the utterances from some members of her family when she was deported from the USA to Ghana could negatively affect her.

Touching on how she left for America, in an interview with Captain Smart on Onua TV, McBrown said, she was playing table tennis one day and her uncle who had returned from America said, she is gifted, and for this reason, he will take her abroad.

Truth to his words, he took Nana Ama Mcbrown abroad, however, something happened.

In 2001 her uncle sent for, and she got on board Ghana Airways to America, unfortunately, upon reaching there, she was deported after some days.

She said upon her return, her family did not take the situation kindly and described her as a bad child. 

McBrown said she was then banned not to go to the USA again. 

This made her decide to start all over again, she was not educated and needed to use her God-giving skills for a living.

One day she was crying and listening to Fox FM in Kumasi, and luckily, the host of the show, Kwame Owusu Ansah announced that Miracle Films had established a Guild at Cultural Centre and wanted people to enrol.

McBrown revealed that she quickly followed up and started as a customier with Miracle Films, and luckily for her one day, one of the actors Sellasie Ibrahim did not show up on set at Mankraso Akuapem, and she was asked to step in 

Quickly she knelt and prayed to God to intervene for her, after playing the role, the comment passed by the director was not encouraging so she felt maybe it was not the best.

She was made to  change and shoot another scenes, by the time everything was over,  she had shot 10 scenes.

At the end of the shoot, Mr.Samuel Nyamekye who directed told her he was pleased with how she played various roles and advised her to be humble in her endeavours for she had something in her which would take her far.

McBrown said this opened doors for her acting career, and in 2008, later decided to relocate to Accra.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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