Ghana Month: Let’s be proud and protect our cultural heritage – Ms Nancy Adobea Anane

Ghana Month: Let’s be proud and protect our cultural heritage – Ms Nancy Adobea Anane

• Nancy Adobea Anane goes traditional

 Ace broadcaster and host of Con­fessions on TV3, Nancy Adobea Anane has underscored the need for Ghanaians to protect the country’s cultural heritage.

According to her, the recent ‘Ghana Month’ agenda led by the media has what it takes to instill in people the right consciousness and awareness to be proud of their culture.

She said to get the dream on, “there is the need to go back into instilling confidence in ourselves as how we were created as Africans and accepting the differ­ences and the common issues.”

“We need to start from the mind, and it will translate into their thought as to who they are and their culture. When this is accepted, then they will go out and preach it,” she said.

Nancy Adobea

Ms Nancy Adobea Anane further added that in every society there are people who others look up to from politicians, Men of God, media personalities, and religious leaders among others.

She said these people need to lead the con­versation about instill­ing confidence to help protect the country’s cultural heritage.

Ms Nancy Adobea

The media personality also urged parents to champion this in their homes, through the names of children, food, language and clothes among others to instil confidence and a sense of identity in the next generation.

With this, she said there is a possibility of reducing how the next generation will easily emulate things from other countries.

“As we brand we want to stand out and if we do not take our tradition se­riously how do we stand tall,” she quizzed.

Ms Nancy Adobea Anane finally advised a critical look at tradi­tional marriages adding that aside from the bride most of the time the bridal teams are wearing dresses made of import­ed garments.

“As a people, we can be international about this to help boost local industries and at the end help the country’s econ­omy,” she said.

Ms Nancy Adobea Anane called on all and sundry to help sustain the Ghana Month video.

 By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme

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