Ghanaians to spend more on Valentine’s gifts

Ghanaians to spend more on Valentine’s gifts

Ghanaians may have to spend more on valentine’s gifts for their loved ones this Valentine’s Day following the increase in prices of the products.

A survey conducted by Ghanaian Times in some suburbs of Accra including, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Kaneshie, kokomlemle, and Makola among others, suggest that at least gifts have increased by half the prices that they were sold last month.

For example, a bar of chocolate that was sold at GH ₵ 10 last month was now sold at GH ₵ 15 as now and a love teddy bear sold at GH₵ 150 was now sold at GH ₵ 200.

The current prevailing price appears to be of grave concern to some consumers.

A businessman, Kojo Nti, who was out hunting for a gift for his loved ones said, he had been walking all day trying to get things at reasonable prices for his mother and girlfriend but his effort proved futile.

He noted that he wanted to buy a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, and a branded perfume for his girlfriend but he was exceeding his budget, so he had to leave one out to be able to get something for his mother because the prices of gifts were too expensive.

Mr. Nti pleaded with traders to reduce the prices of goods to a reasonable one, so customers can buy to express affection to their loved ones in this month of love.

The manager of Anjou Beauty at Darkuman, Hannah Amanquah said she had plans of surprising her boyfriend this month since it was a month of love and also her boyfriend’s birth month but due to the current prices of gifts, she had to cancel those plans.

She said, she would not be able to buy him anything for valentine’s or his birthday because the prices were too much for her.

Wisdom Dela, who said he normally buys chocolate because he likes it, said, he was shocked to hear the current price of the 100g bar of chocolate he usually buys at Kaneshie market.

He said, he bought it for GH10 at the same place just three weeks ago, only to go there yesterday and it was sold to him at GH₵15.

Therefore, he had to buy the one that was sold at GH₵10 which was previously sold for GH₵5 last month.

“The increased in the prices of chocolate is a big blow to us chocolate lovers because if you look at the prices as compared to the products, it is too much,” he said.

He recommended producers and traders look beyond Valentine’s Day when pricing their goods because there were people who bought those products regardless of the time of the year.

A trader at Makola market, Mabel Ofosu said the increase in products was not because of Valentine’s Day but rather they were selling it according to how they bought it from the wholesale.

She said some manufacturers have also increased their product due to increase in demand, so they were also selling at a rate they could also make a little profit.

“People should not look at the increased in products and show affection to their loved ones, there is no price greater than love so show your people the love they deserve,” she added.


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