Gifty Anti inspires public with ‘Fifty Nuggets @ 50’

Gifty Anti inspires public with ‘Fifty Nuggets @ 50’

Celebrated Broadcast journalist, Gifty Anti has documented her life experience in a book titled “Fifty Nuggets @ 50” and was launched in Accra last week.

The book, talks about the seasoned journalist’s tussle and bustle, success and failures of her life chronicled from childhood to the 50 years of her existence.

The 282 paged book consists 50 life tips scripted by Gifty Anti to serve as a medium of encouraging, inspiring and strengthening the hopeless and feeble to persist in life, because there was always light at the end of the tunnel.

Divided into chapters, some of the nuggets expatiated in the book include ‘Yes, I failed’, ‘The Professional frienemies’, ‘My feminism and my religion’, ‘My potential love affair’, ‘My singleness’, ‘Trusting a man’ and ‘Becoming a Mrs.’

Speaking to The Spectator, Gifty Anti said she had authored three books within a year, and these books were written to serve as a beacon of hope to the weary.

“The first book titled ‘A lot of Me’ was published in July 2019, followed by the second book ‘The Best of You’ in January 2020 and the third one ‘Fifty Nuggets @ 50’ was published in June 2020”, the multiple award winning journalist explained.

To point out the milestone of her age 50, she admonished all and sundry to own their failures and mistakes and avoid shifting blames on others for their downfall, and by so doing one could be assured of success.

“The book has emotional elements which could make one shed tears and laugh, as I explain and rebuts some rumours levelled against me in life”, she told The Spectator.

The renowned motivational speaker cautioned the youth not to compete among themselves but rather focus on their dreams and wait for God by trusting in the process of becoming great.

Gifty Anti, founder of The Girl in Need Foundation advised every home to get a copy of the book which sells on amazon and other online platforms in order to assist individuals to understand their own journey of life.

According to the veteran TV personality, mentors should tell more of their dark and sad sides of their story to people, because birthing of success stems out of some degree of failures.

Source: Ghanaian Times

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