GLRSSMP: World Bank will withdraw support if we politicise fight against galamsey

GLRSSMP: World Bank will withdraw support if we politicise fight against galamsey

The Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP) has said claims that the fight against illegal mining also known as galamsey is being politicized is untrue.

This follows the Former President John Mahama’s comments about alleged politicization of the fight against galamsey whilst at Atiwa East and West constituency in the Eastern Region.

However, speaking on Starr Midday News with Blessing Bless Frimpong, the Group’s President, Michael Peprah has also lamented that the NPP government has embarked on targeting those who are not in their party, even though they possess the necessary qualifications and licenses to operate.

According to the Association, mining concessions are awarded to only government cronies at the expense of others.

Commenting on the development on Starr Today Thursday with Joshua Kodjo Mensah, the Coordinator, Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining, John Krugu refuted the claims adding that the effects of illegal mining do not affect a particular political party or group of persons.

“It is very sad to hear that because of the work we do the President has tasked all of us to make sure that he will want to see real results during his tenure as President. The work that we do is such a way that we do not go looking for political colors.

“Let me tell you that the issue we are dealing with about the environmental and social issues that we are confronted with are as a result of illegal mining. Mind you they are not affecting a certain group of people politically or religiously or any other consideration. Look, if the water is not drinkable it is not, it doesn’t matter which political party colors you are wearing. If the water is polluted it affects all of us,” Mr. Krugu stated.

He continued: “If the environment is destroyed, if the cocoa farm becomes destroyed, the impact it has on the nation, the Ghanaian economy will affect everybody living in Ghana. So nobody and let me add this especially the aspect that I am coordinating the government has worked very hard with the Minister responsible for Minerals and Natural Resources to secure World Bank support.    

According to the Coordinator, the World Bank is not only giving money but rather the Bank is also providing technical support for the work GLRSSMP is doing.

“Trust me if there is any iota of evidence that we are looking at political color as we do the work even the bank will be the first to withdraw their money. So I can tell you for a fact that anybody who is talking about the first against illegal mining and galamsey is done with a partisan lens simply does not know how things are done,” he added. 

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