How can I get over this?

Dear Obaa Yaa,

We have been in a rela­tionship over one year. Though things have been moving on well, I have the feeling that this gentle­man will one day patch up with his ex-girlfriend and he will dump me.

The fear has come about because his ex-girlfriend visits him at the end of every month to collect money for the up­keep of their child.

Although he keeps assuring me that he loves me, I have my doubts and not convinced that he is sincere and will keep to his words.

I am often worried whenev­er he travelled out of Accra on a business trip. I do not trust him because of his attitude and his utterances of late.

How can I get over it?

Nana Adzoa- Tema.

Dear Nana Adzoa,

Love thrives on trust and tolerance,therefore, if these ingredients are absent in a marriage,the future becomes uncertain.

You sound as if your boy­friend has given you a reason not to trust him. If you keep on disturbing him, it will drive him away.

Your husband should be careful since his ex- girlfriend visits him every month to get money for the upkeep of their child. The frequent visits could pose a serious problem for your marriage.

I guess your insecurity could be derived from how a past boyfriend might have disappointed you. If that is the case then you must try and get assurance from him.

Instead of worrying unnec­essarily which could disturb you, enjoy every moment with him, forget about your previ­ous relationship.

However, if you still feel insecure, then discuss the matter with an elderly priest or person and let him help you to overcome it.

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