I am disappointed in this lady

 Dear obaa yaa,

I met this lady in my home­town when I visited my grandparents for the Christmas holidays.

Though I stayed in the village for a few days, my stay there was a memora­ble one because of the type of friends I made and the precious times we spent together.

I was attracted by how beautiful a particular lady looked and her character. I did not hesitate to conclude that this lady will be a good person to marry.

An elderly man with whom I had a discussion about my desire to marry this lady at all cost, advised me to concentrate on my studies since I was still in school.

Unfortunately, I did not listen but spent my precious time thinking about the lady at the expense of my studies.

While still thinking about marrying this lady after school, I had the greatest shock of my life when I was informed that this lady has a boyfriend who is known in the community.

Since I was briefed about the behaviour of this lady, I became very sad, confused and do not know what to do.

What step should I take?


Dear George,

Issues pertaining to love must be handled with care and one has to be diplomat­ic.

You should have made some background checks on this lady while you were in the village.

It is unfortunate that you have failed to listen to the elderly man and which should have guided your steps.

Having known that she is someone’s girlfriend,you should back out of the rela­tionship, keep yourself safe and be focused.

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