I want to break my virginity

Dear Obaa Yaa,

 I am 24 years old and a virgin. I want to break my virginity because my friends mock me and call me names.

What should I do?

Belinda, Tema

Dear Belinda,

You must be proud to be a virgin because many young girls could not attain such an enviable height. Be­ing a virgin at your age means you are God-fearing and not prepared to follow those girls who do not see any­thing wrong with immoral life.

Heaven knows how many times those girls might have caused abortion and the danger is that some use crude abortion methods and are now facing the consequences.

By calling you names, they are try­ing to pull you to follow their immoral lifestyle.

Remain unperturbed in their at­tempt to convince you to follow them. Let your mother be your confidant and preserve your body as a living sacrifice to God and you will reap the immense benefits later in your marital life.

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