In love with mother of three

 Dear Obaa Yaa,

I Am a student in a tertiary institution and in love with a woman who has three children. This woman and my parents were co-tenants and her husband used to send me on errands which I gladly carried out.

Her husband, a God-fearing man who was generous, never stopped showering gifts on me, and this made me develop a special love for him. One day, as I went to their house to deliver a parcel the man had asked me to collect for him, I met only the wife who told me her husband had travelled to attend an emer­gency meeting.

She accused me of neglect­ing her over the period not concerned about her welfare. According to her, running errands for her husband alone was not enough and that I should have occasionally asked if there was something I should do for her.

The woman led me to one of the rooms in the house where they had gathered washed clothes which were not arranged. Having shown me the room, she asked me if I could spare a little of my time to assist her in arranging the clothes.

This lady used the opportu­nity while we were in the room to find out if I had a girlfriend. When I said no, she asked what I was waiting for and why I should deprive pretty girls of my age from being loved and shown affection.

She, therefore, moved to where I was and began to fondle me and warned me not to voice out to anyone. She deliberately fondled me for a while and what followed could not be described.

Having introduced me to an amorous life and with the prom­ise that all would be well, I find it difficult to stop moving with this woman.

What should I do?

Kwame- Koforidua.

Dear Kwame,

You should not depend on the leniency of this gentleman to spoil his marriage. Nobody in the right frame of mind will be happy with what you are doing. This man could easily kill you if he discovers that you are sleeping with his wife. A word to a wise is enough.

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