Jael Agyei Akyeampong makes giant strides in hospitality industry …inspires young talents

Jael Agyei Akyeampong makes giant strides in hospitality industry …inspires young talents

● Jael inspires young girls and women to rise to the top

In 2021, she was nominated the ‘Rising Star’ at the Pyne Hospitality & Tourism Awards held in Nigeria and subse­quently adjudged the ‘Most Admired Female Hospitality Professional’ at the Hospital­ity Awards held in Ghana the same year.

● Jael Agyei Akyeampong
● Jael Agyei Akyeampong

Few years on, she con­tinues to make remarkable strides and inspires young people to take up leadership roles and contribute positively to the fast-growing hospitality industry.

She is a professional ho­telier with over ten years of experience, a Certified Hotel General Manager (CHGM), a Gender Advocate and the Director of Administration at the African Association of Women in Tourism & Hospitali­ty (AAWTH).


● Jael Agyei Akyeampong
● Jael Agyei Akyeampong

At age 10, she dreamt of becoming a flight attendant but later switched to her current field after discovering the prospects in the sector.

Responding to questions by The Spectator, she said the decision to pursue a career in hospitality hinged on “the di­versity, opportunities and the fulfillment that comes from making a guest happy.”

Mrs. Akyeampong holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Hospitality Management from Universi­ty of Derby, United Kingdom (UK) and Executive Masters in Hotel Management from Les Roches Global Marbella Spain in addition to a Diploma in Travel & Tourism from Enfield College (UK).

After completing intern­ship at JW Marriott Hotel in London, she worked at Marriott Hotel, Accra and with travel agencies in the UK. She has also volunteered at Nightingale House Hospice, Wrexham UK as well as Bawso Limited (UK).

She started as Front Office Manager (Receptionist) in Oc­tober 2019 prior to assuming her current role at RB Park- Hill Hotel Ghana.

Apart from her manageri­al duties, Mrs. Akyeampong is also the Country Chair of ‘G100’— a group of influential women leaders from across the world aiming to create an equal, progressive and inclu­sive environment for women worldwide.


● Jael Agyei
● Jael Agyei

As a Talent Agent, she serves as a role model to young women within the hospitality Industry. She is the Founder of Teens Tourism and Hospitality Club – which aims at bringing teenagers between ages 13-17 together through mentorship and coaching ses­sions, educational trips, while encouraging them to pursue higher education.

The young Managing Di­rector is committed to help­ing young people discover, improve their potentials and expand their networks. She further wants to empower more women to strive for excellence in their respective roles in the hospitality indus­try.

She admits the challenge in combining personal and professional life but says con­stant support from her family lessened the task and respon­sibilities in her current role.

“As a female leader in the Hospitality Industry, you need to work harder to prove yourself. It has been quite challenging working long and odd hours to prove yourself as well as have enough time to take care of your family. Thankfully, with the support of my family, I am able to assert myself in the industry to become what I am now,” she said.


● Jael Agyei Akyeampong
● Jael Agyei Akyeampong

In addition to other accom­plishments, she had won the Travel & Tourism Excellence Award issued by the College of Enfield, Haringey and North East London.

In 2022, she was named among the ‘Top 10 Hospital­ity Influencers’ in Africa and was again listed among the ‘100 Most Powerful People in Africa’s Travel and Hospitality Industry by the International Hospitality Institute.

She also emerged the ‘Most Outstanding Female in Hospitality’ issued in 2022 by Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards.

RB Park-Hill Hotel Ghana, which she currently leads, was adjudged the ‘Best Accommo­dating Hotel’ by the Hospi­tality Awards in 2021 — an achievement Mrs. Akyeampong has attributed to improved customer care and service delivery as well as positive feedback from clients.

She praised her team and other professionals in the industry for the progress made over the years as they work harder to make their respective companies and the industry more lucrative.


Mrs. Akyeampong envi­sions her travel company (The Haven Honeymoon Concierge) to become the most preferred “honeymoon travel company” as she is aiming at establish­ing more offices across the country.

“I want to own a Boutique Hotel in the next five years and continue to be a role model to young women in the industry by providing coach­ing and training sessions and guide them on their career paths,” she says.

Considering the significant role of the hospitality industry in creating jobs, she believes “heavy investment” in the sector should be the plan of government and the private sector while efforts were made to support young people to develop their ideas and enterprises.

Jael Agyei Akyeampong


Mrs. Akyeampong loves traveling, reading and medi­tating. She encourages young people to find a mentor who would help develop their skill­set and potentials.

“Don’t forget to surround yourself with positive people, take up voluntary work and internships. Never underes­timate yourself; love and be passionate about what you do.

“In every caterpillar, there is a butterfly ready to stretch its wings and soar to great­ness.” Young people have greatness inside them that’s just waiting to be released, similar to the butterfly,” she says.

By Ernest Nutsugah

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