Keep minors away from political party grounds

Keep minors away from political party grounds

A child (circled) who is asleep at a political party rally

 Dear Editor,

I write to express my displeasure about a wor­rying trend of parents and guardians taking minors to political party rallies.

These little ones have no business being at the programme because the laws of the country prohib­its minors from engaging in political party activities.

I once saw a boy of about four years exhausted and sweating profusely, and af­ter a long period of discom­fort, the poor boy slept-off in the scorching sun.

It took the intervention of some concerned persons who advised the parents and guardians to take the little child home.

This situation is taking place all over the country at almost every political party rally.

It appears many of such adults are oblivious of the dangers about taking minors to such functions.

For instance, many or­ganisers don’t factor minors in their safety and security preparations; so these vul­nerable children are usually at confusion break-out.

In the case of infants, chances of the child’s health being compromised due to possibly unsanitary conditions, and the possibil­ity of diseases and illness­es of various forms being transmitted is equally high.

Parents and political par­ties must make it a respon­sibility in order to ensure that minors stay away from such activities to be safe at all time.

The security agencies, especially the Police is thereby called up to find in­novative ways to keep these vulnerable children away from rally grounds.

Dzifa Tetteh Tay,


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