La General Hospital reconstruction project: Putting the cart before the horse?

 La General Hospital reconstruction project: <strong>Putting the cart before the horse?</strong>

● Artistic impression of the new hospital

Dear Editor,

I heard some residents of La went on demon­stration recently over the delay in the construc­tion of the La General Hospital. The building was demolished about three years ago, and plans to put up a new facility to serve the health needs of the people seem to have hit a snag.

This is not the first time the residents have expressed their displea­sure about the demol­ished hospital. About a year ago, some traditional and opinion leaders in the area also expressed worry over the same subject.

The hospital used to serve residents from far and near, while small businesses thrived around the enclave. It is clear that the convenience, accessibility and eco­nomic benefit the facility provides are part of the reasons indigenes are not happy with the slow prog­ress of the reconstruction plans.

Early this week, some news outlets quoted the Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr Nsiah Asare, explaining that the project had been delayed because attempts by the government to secure a loan for the project were not forthcoming.

The big question is why was the old hospi­tal, which was serving a good purpose, demolished when funds for the new project were not ready? Is this not a case of putting the cart before the horse?

I believe the griev­ances expressed by the residents recently are just one of the many protests that are yet to come. I am, by this letter, plead­ing with the government to save its image and satisfy the demands of the people by doing all it takes for the project to begin and be completed as quickly as possible.

Franklin Badu,

La-Kojo Sardin.


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