Leaked tape: Bugri Naabu recommended Mallams to fight Dampare spiritually – Supt. Asare

Leaked tape: Bugri Naabu recommended Mallams to fight Dampare spiritually – Supt. Asare

Superintendent George Asare, one of the senior police officers implicated in the plot to oust the Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, has made a damning revelation about the former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu.

He hinted that Bugri Naabu recommended using Mallams to help them remove the IGP.

He made the claims when he appeared before the parliamentary committee probing the issue on Monday, stating that Daniel Bugri Naabu recommended three Mallams.

Superintendent George Asare further claimed that Burgi Naabu suggested that they fight the IGP both physically and spiritually.

According to him, Bugri Naabu cited instances where he had assisted people in getting spiritual support for positions in higher places, adding that he objected to the idea of seeking spiritual help but Bugri Naabu insisted on getting the spiritual help.

He denied lobbying for anyone to become IGP.

“It was Chief Bugri Naabu who invited me to his office. I wasn’t lobbying for anybody. Chief Bugri Naabu made an emphatic statement about this thing, I want to quote him verbatim, but it will be difficult. All that he was trying to say was that this thing, we have to fight it, both physically and spiritually. And then he gave examples of people that he helped them fight for the positions spiritually. It was a private conversation, I don’t want to make it public here. But the spiritual one, he went further to show us which places he can go. So it was on the premise of this that I made the statement that Alhaji, this one, you are the spiritual controller. Because you [Bugri Naabu] made us understand that I didn’t even know that, when you are fighting for a position, you have to fight it in two ways, both spiritually and physically.”

He stressed, “I said that as for Master [COP George Alex Mensah] I don’t think he will buy into this idea of fighting this spiritually, because he’s a Christian. He [Bugri Naabu] mentioned some Imams, that can help pray for him [COP Alex Mensah]. Some Imams can help him with prayers. Chief Bugri Naabu insisted that he has to also see some Mallams. He recommended about three, some in the North, and some from his village. It was Chief Bugri Naabu himself that came forth with that suggestion,” Supt. Asare insisted.
Source: Citinewsroom

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