Let us respect our men in uniform

A few weeks ago, we heard of an incident at Ashaiman about the murder of a young soldier who had come all the way from Sunyani for training in Accra.

Unfortunately, some people at Ashaiman attacked and killed him for no justified reason. This was very unfortunate.

As a result some soldiers with the permission of the Military High Command descended on Ashaiman to look for the people who committed this dastardly act. In the process, some innocent residents were maltreated.

Many people have condemned the action of the Military even though it was carried out in response to an unjustified action by some criminals at Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region.

The Spectator does not support any violence perpetrated by the Military or any group of people in this country.

However, in judging the issue, we need to be fair to all parties involved. We have already stated that we do not support any acts of violence by the Military. This is not to say that civilians should also misbehave towards our men in uniform. These men in uniform must be respected at all times because they are the people who protect us.

If things continue this way, a time will come when our men in uniform will not be willing to sacrifice their lives in defence of poor civilians.

When this happens, it will be disastrous for everyone in this country. To prevent this from occurring, we need to be disciplined and as well behave well towards one another in the country.

The time has come for everyone to be disciplined. The irresponsible killing of Major Mahama has not been forgotten and the case is still pending in court, not knowing when it will end.

Whenever unfair treatment is meted out to civilians by soldiers people are always quick to condemn the Military, calling for compensation for the victims.

The late Major Mahama, like any other person had the right to live but was murdered in cold blood.

In the same way the 21-year-old soldier who was killed at Ashaiman also had the right to live so when issues like these happen, let us be fair in our judgement.

We need peace in this country so no one should misbehave in a manner that will result in disturbances and slow down the clock of progress.

Let us respect one another for positive development of our Motherland, Ghana.

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