Let’s build Ghana into great nation

Ghana is a great nation, but when the people organise themselves better for a com­mon purpose, the sky will be the limit, and the result for everybody will be tremendous.

The nation of Ghana can even develop into a greater one if its cit­izens see themselves as one people. This is something that can be done.

The various parts of the country show that we have different cultures that portray us as beautiful people.

It is, therefore, important for all of us to eschew tribal and religious differences.

The emphasis should be on our identity as Ghanaians before any­thing else.

Together, we can easily succeed, but divided, we would have our strengths dissipated on things that are not vital to our lives. When this happens, we will spend our energies on things that are not valuable as far as national progress and develop­ment are concerned.

The strength of this nation lies in the different talents and skills possessed by the different individ­uals in the country. If these talents are brought together for a common purpose, the sky will be the limit.

The different parts of the coun­try, for example, have different soils and vegetation, which, when harnessed effectively, can maximise output in the country.

This shows that it is not just one part of the country that is needed to help in national development.

As each region or area is brought on board in this way, national output will be higher than expected, just the same way that the human body is made up of different parts, and all these parts work together for the common good of a person.

Each part cannot work for its own success. Togetherness and unity is what is needed for the common success of every individual.

The lesson here is that the vari­ous individuals in Ghana must come together to respect and appreciate each other for the common good. This is how Ghana can be trans­formed into a very great nation.

Unity and togetherness is, there­fore, what we need to do better to build a great nation.

Building a great nation in this way will be beneficial to everybody in a number of ways. In the first place, it will result in strong com­mon security for the protection of life and property in the country.

Again, a united and strong nation will bring about peace in all parts of the country. Once there is peace, political and socioeconomic develop­ment will continue unabated.

The people in the country will also be very happy and go about their normal duties without prob­lems. Each person will respect the other, irrespective of religion or other differences.

The end result will be a strong, united country that will be capable of overcoming all challenges, be they health, education, agriculture, tourism, sanitation, or what have you.

Ghana is an African country de­scribed as a developing one, but we stand a chance of making ourselves proud when we come together to unite for our common national pur­pose of development.

This, but nothing else, should be our national goal.

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