Make the workplace safe and healthy

Many people are of the view that good health implies the absence of diseases and the availability of healthcare facilities that help us treat sicknesses and diseases that we may suffer from time to time.

People may not be sick or suf­fer from diseases but may still be found to be unhealthy due to the circumstances in which they may find themselves at the workplace. Unfavourable workplace creates im­plications far beyond the emotional well-being of employees.

A crucial aspect of fair treatment in the workplace involves having a genuine concern for your employees’ mental and physical health. There­fore, we should ensure that every employee has a safe workspace and a healthy work-life balance.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance or harmony is not only im­portant for health and relationships, but it can also improve employees’ productivity, and ultimately perfor­mance.

It is for this reason that manage­ment and staff are often advised or encouraged to create a conducive atmosphere for effective work. In­conducive atmosphere may threaten the health of people at their work­places.

When this happens, the workers may not find themselves in a good mood to increase productivity. Such a situation ought to be avoided to make workers happy and productive.

For example, employees who have disability may likely need certain accommodations offered them in order for them to perform their duties well. Poor workplace conditions can lead to unmotivated employees, poor productivity, and an increased risk of accidents.

Depending on how bad the con­ditions are, an employer may also be in violation of labour regulations, which could cause substantial legal issues.

The situation where some un­friendly managers and chief exec­utives shout at their subordinates does not augur well for sound work­place ethics. Every worker deserves special respect from management so as to ensure encouragement and recognition.

Even in a situation where workers are wrong, senior management will have to show motherly and fatherly love in taking corrective measures to avoid a recurrence.

No one should constitute himself into a terrible dictator whose only purpose at the workplace is to shout at workers, as well as victimise and punish them unfairly.

The most important resource or asset at the workplace is the group of people who work there. With­out such people, not much can be achieved, which explains why the staff in any organisation must be treated with respect.

Victimisation, favouritism, dis­crimination, and dictatorial ten­dencies cannot result in good works or productivity. Fair treatment rather can have a greater impact on employee turnover than you may imagine.

In light of all this, let us show respect to one another at the work­place, irrespective of our status or position, so that together we can join forces to increase productiv­ity and thereby move the country forward.

If we all pursue this idea, we will end up making everyone happy at the workplace.

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