Man saves five from house fire, jumps out of a window to save baby

Man saves five from house fire, jumps out of a window to save baby

• Bodycam video provided by the police of the rescue

An Indiana man who ran into a burning home and saved five people, including a six-year-old girl he jumped out of a second-floor window with, says he is no hero and that the serious injuries he suffered were “all worth it.”

Nick Bostic, 25 of Lafayette was driving early on July 11 in the northwestern Indiana city when he saw a house in flames. He stopped and ran inside to alert its residents.

An 18-year-old woman was in the home babysitting her three siblings, ages 1, 6 and 13, along with a 13-year-old friend of the 13-year-old sibling, while the four siblings’ parents were out playing darts, according to news reports.

Bostic said the 18-year-old was able to get three of the children out, but she told him that one child was still missing, prompting him to search the smoke-filled home for that child.

“I heard a faint whine, a faint crying noise and I went down there till I found that baby,” he said.

Because of the dense smoke, he said his only option was to exit through a second-floor window. Bostic punched out the glass and jumped to safety with the six-year-old girl in his arms.

He suffered multiple injuries but the girl only suffered a minor cut to her foot.

Police body camera video captured the aftermath of the jump. In the video, a police officer takes the crying child while Bostic — who is winded and wheezing, with an injured right arm and blood on his clothes — sits on the curb, saying, “I need oxygen.”

Bostic, who suffered smoke inhalation in addition to his arm injury and other wounds, was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital and discharged two days later.

He said he’s not a hero, and just did what he would have wanted someone to do for him and his family if their home was on fire. —

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