Married woman finds me suitable

Dear Obaa Yaa,

 I am a graduate, completed the mandatory Nation­al Service but I have no job. A married woman was stranded when her car broke down in the middle of the road and I assisted in fixing the problem to her delight.

The following day, she called my phone to express her gratitude for the help I offered her the previous day. Ever since, the con­servation continued and one day she invited me for launch.

She occasionally called to find out how I was doing and always asked if there was any help that she could offer.

One day, we coinciden­tally met at the funeral of a friend and she suggested that we go elsewhere for lunch at a lodge. There we had some drinks and food after which she complained of headache and subse­quently booked a room to enable her to rest a few minutes before leaving the place. I quickly arranged for a painkiller from a nearby pharmacy, gave it to her and waited for her to recuperate.

She pleaded that I should not leave her alone in the room but stay a little longer. I suggested that she should call her husband to come to her aid but she declined, saying that she would like to be left alone.

After some minutes, she asked for a bottle of water and when I took the water to her she held my hand firmly and drew me to her on the bed. As I struggled to extricate myself from her grips, she held me tighter and whispered into my ears that she loved me and the unfortunate happened.

This incident was fol­lowed by many others at the least opportunity we had.

Though she is someone’s wife, she gives me joy and supports me financially since I am not working. I find it difficult to let her go off my grips because of the immense help she is offer­ing me. I am beginning to be afraid of being caught by her husband and disgraced.

What should I do?

Kofi, Accra.

Dear Kofi,

You are treading on dangerous grounds and the earlier you quit this devil­ish attitude and spare your life, the better it will be for you.

Going out with some­one’s wife is a deadly sin, nasty, dirty, unpardonable and could easily cause your life.

Remember that every­body will definitely con­demn your attitude because it is not right.

The danger is that, hav­ing indulged in illicit sex for some period will make you not feel remorse of the act.

There is no need to depend on this woman for long since the ball will soon be let out of the bag, and you will soon be caught.

How will you feel if someone does this to your wife?

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