Methodist Men’s Fellowship celebrate the aged at Effiakuma

Methodist Men’s Fellowship celebrate the aged at Effiakuma

• Mrs. Mina Tweneboa-Kodua (right) receiving a gift from Mr. Abraham A. Aikins

The Association of Methodist Men’s Fellowships of Dunwell Branch at Effiakuma has celebrated the aged in the church by hosting them to a dinner to mark the end of 2022 under the theme “Celebration of God’s Grace and Mercy.”

The Dunwell Branch Men’s Fellow­ship Chairman, Brother Gilbert Arm­strong-Mensah said: “The aged who have paid their dues in the church have been neglected for far too long”.

He said these old men and women worked hard to sustain the church but had been forgotten with little or no attention shown to them.

He, therefore, pleaded with all Methodist Men’s Fellowship country wide to consider the aged people who contributed immensely to the growth of the church and must not be forgot­ten so soon especially those who had little care for themselves.

Mr. Armstrong-Mensah was ad­dressing a dinner held recently at the Dunwell Methodist Church where the aged had gathered to eat, socialise and show their dancing skills which they once practised.

He said as the newly elected chairman of the fellowships he would make sure a data base was created for all the aged to enable the association occasionally visit them to know their major challenges and how best the church could assist them.

He suggested that a form of ap­preciation be started for all the aged just as the church normally did to the pastors as a thank you for their contri­bution to the church.

He said the indiscipline in the country was as a result of government taking over all the mission schools not applying any disciplinary actions in the institutions.

He said that many demonstrations in society, strikes in institutions and other unwanted behaviours were as a result of broken down discipline in all the learning institutions right from Basic Level to tertiary adding “govern­ment must return all mission schools to the various churches because govern­ment had opened enough schools to manage now and this would bring the needed peace in Ghana”.

The Sekondi Diocesan Chairman, Brother Paul Appiah also said some spouses had lost their partners and since the children were grown and not staying with the parents, life became difficult and boring to some of the aged.

“The teachings in the Sunday school have made our children to grow up well disciplined but other churches easily snatched them away from us”, he said.

He appealed to the fellowship to continue committing the aged into prayer, frequent visitation and some tokens would encourage them to be lively and know that they had not been forgotten.

The Effiakuma Circuit Superinten­dent Minister, Very Rev. Lewis Smart Asare said what was taking place was a sign hatched by God and executed by men since all here were ambassadors of Jesus.

He said all men needed to get closer to Christ in order to shine for others to see just like the moon which got its light by leaning on the sun in order to shine for others.

Thirty members of the church who were aged attended the dinner and all were given an undisclosed amount of money as a New Year gift.

 From Peter Gbambila, Effiakuma

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