Miss Tourism Ghana 2023 launched

Miss Tourism Ghana 2023 launched

 Miss Tourism Ghana 2023 has been launched in Accra with the focus on keeping Ghana clean to promote the rich cultural heritage and tourist destinations across the country.

Under the theme “Tourism the Heart of Ghana; Keeping Ghana Clean”, it aims to unearth the talent of young girls in promoting the nation, Ghana, both locally and internationally through san­itation by making Ghana one of the cleanest cities in West Africa for tourist attraction.

This year’s pageant, which would take place on June 3 at the National Theatre in Accra, would commence with auditions in some major parts of the country, where about 16 contestants would be selected for the final contest.

The Director of Events and Operations, Miss Tourism Ghana, Mrs Delphine Brew-Hammond, said, “We believe that if Ghana is clean, we will get more people coming to the country. To this end, we’ve led clean up cam­paigns across Accra from our com­munities to our beaches. We’ve decided that we will be more aggressive and deliberate about the exercise”.

She stressed that the pageant was an opportunity for young women to know more about their culture and heritage.

Mrs Brew-Hammond said the pageant was open to ladies be­tween the ages of 18-26 who were willing to become tourism ambas­sadors for Ghana.

“At Miss Tourism Ghana, the contestants do not represent the region they hail from. We want them to learn about the other regions and be tolerant of one another as Ghanaians,” she said.

She urged all to support the course to help showcase and im­prove Ghana’s tourism potentials to the world to generate revenue for the country.

The Head of Corporate Affairs, Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr Jones Aruna Nelson, said the theme was timely and it dove­tailed into the domestic tourism campaign which seeks to encour­age travel within Ghana and its borders.

He said sanitation was vital to tourism and so it was important to maintain environmental sanitation as it was a way of contributing to the expansion of tourism.

“When you clean your area and environment very well, people will go there to visit and they will tell good stories about you. And with this course, they’re going to partner with other agencies and private sector operators to ensure clean environment, especially at the beaches, since poor sanitation affects the commercialisation pur­poses of tourist sites,” he added.

Mr Nelson implored the youth to take keen interest in the promotion of domestic tourism to increase the revenue mobilisation of the country.


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