Mistakes that push people away when you first meet

Mistakes that push people away when you first meet

Relationships and dating can be a difficult task for some. You might be wondering why some people constantly seem to attract other people’s attention while others always seem to end up alone. Clearly, both men and women are not just attracted to appearance and personal qualities. Some of the behaviours people display actually push others away.

Sleep Deprivation: A lack of sleep can change your mood and also make one look less attractive. Always try to get yourself plenty of sleep before a date or important meeting. It’s a fact that people will unknowingly try to avoid those who look unhealthy. Sleep deprivation can make you grumpy and more nervous. Scientists claim that getting enough rest at night will lead to people treating you as a more reliable and friendly person.

No Hobbies: You don’t need to be incredibly beautiful to attract the opposite gender. One study conducted at an online dating site has proven that creative people can be just as popular as beautiful ones. Men prefer women who like sports, dancing, traveling, and art. Women on the other hand were into those who travel, work out, cook, and don’t sleep at the movies.

Poor Manners: When you’re dating, bad table manners could leave you without a second chance. People think that noisy eating can be one of the most disgusting habits someone can have. Answering phone calls and eating from your date’s plate are two other things you should consider blacklisted.

Laziness: Active people are much more likely to meet a partner as opposed to those who are lazy. Lazy people tend to be less successful, and it’s not just because they spend lots of extra time sitting at home and watching TV. It goes back to our psychological mechanisms: ancient people didn’t like those who preferred to do nothing. Simple!

Self Confidence: Women prefer confident men. A grumpy or brutish man actually attracts more attention than a smiling guy. It’s a fact that girls don’t like men who are too happy. If a woman is too confident, men will usually think she’s reserved or snobby. A man is unlikely to ask a girl out if she puts off an image that says, “I have really high self-esteem”. So, a wide smile is definitely the best way to get a gentleman’s attention.

Personal Hygiene: Body odour can play an important role when dating and trying to begin a long-term relationship. It’s not about perfume or cologne. The way a person smells depends on the genes that are responsible for their immune system. Of course, people don’t smell each other when they first meet, but we subconsciously choose a person who smells healthy.

Now that you know these important mistakes which both men and women are guilty of making, you can be sure to avoid them.
Whether you’re single, dating or in a long-term happy relationship, personal hygiene, confidence, hobbies, and good manners are just a few things that can assure your partner will always be happy and attracted to you!

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